rachel atakpa

artist, teacher, gardener practicing on occupied kaw, wichita, and osage land.


15 hours    —    lesbians are miracles

as oceans rise, so ancestors beneath     |       seeping subsumption     —     contemporary verse 2

taking out the garbage     |     mania     —    snarl: a journal of art and literature

generation        —       SPICY ZINE  

unearthing     —     region journal

a burning    |    GLITCH        —         urgency reader

the trees on the mountaintop are from outer space        —        john lewis fellowship

locating    |    mother tongue    |    black girl ghost story no. 2        —        asterism

black girl ghost story no. 3        —        berkeley poetry review

grieving    |    black girl ghost story no. 4     —    women, gender, and families of color

acceptance        —        shade literary arts

their eyes were watching    |    psalm 73        —        spencer museum of art

black girl ghost story no. 9 + teenage love poem no. 3        —        kiosk 59

last letter to the thames    |     wolkenbugel     |    writing invisible strategies     —         london review

entitlement    |    'title vii does not protect,' either way, i still have to walk home        —        kiosk 57


scription (00:01:07, film)    —    healing as liberation zine

in their attempts to defy our watch, and collapse
the nonexistent boundary between public and private,
they are often witnessed

IGBO LANDING (00:08:31, film + poem)

it was pouring rain and i was barefoot.
i ran over and over again for an hour.
the cornfield was swampy, i slipped and stepped in sow thistle
i thought, in my long dress, about how this running felt two centuries ago.

amorphia (12, oil pastel sketches)

i am afraid
you have forgotten
how to love
me i have
forgotten who i
am to be for you

qdoc.trailer (00:08:16, film, script)

archival footage of midwestern queers and a mundane winter,
on being a living self at the end of the world



queer archives purport the quotidian
—taking place within and without systems, institutions, and ideologies—
as a viable location of imagining and embodying collectivism and cultivating liberation
during anthropocene queer archives become sensoriums
of the self-in-relation, of the everyday, of all the potentialities for self and collective
imagining in a digital age


i saw a ghost last night with wild eyes
kept saying, i’m sorry
this is the first time ive seen the sky since


rusty leffel concerned student award

national poetry month

kathleen mckluskey fawcett award

jack and lavon brosseau award    (2018, 2019)

john lewis fellowship

langson hughes award

truman scholarship nomination